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10 Ways To Keep Your Energy Level High Through The Whole Day

With the pandemic going we all don't have any option but to do work from home and this thing I am really facing it difficult.

Now, you may be thinking that why I am facing it difficult, right? Then, most of the people find working from home to be challenging especially at first. From piles of dirty laundry to daytime TV, there are tons of distractions.

And sometimes, working in pyjamas and on a comfortable seat on the sofa just don't provide the same type of motivation that you get in a suit.

Whether you are at home alone and the house is too quiet, then also you may find it difficult to stay on track and get your work done and feel productive.

I guess we all have been there, struggling to get up in the morning and later feel that your head getting heavy and you think your eyes will snap any minute.

Without a doubt, most of us have been there and it's a challenge to keep your stamina up all through the day. So, fortunately, the following strategies have really helped me to stay motivated the whole day. So, let's deep dive into it.

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Here's what I will cover in my article;

#1. What all things has helped me to stay productive the whole day?

Helpful tips for boosting daytime energy:

1. Let's be in the sunlight

Natural light is the strongest factor that controls our circadian rhythms. Firstly, start the day by going out for a walk. It’s a great way to start the day.

Melatonin the hormone which induces sleep will decrease in response to the sunlight. Getting some sun let your body know that it’s time to wake up and get going. It really works well and makes you productive.

2. Start the day with protein

Next, prepare yourself a breakfast that will help you to keep your energy levels up for longer.

In the morning, eat foods that are rich in protein- like eggs, yoghurt and nuts. Protein and whole grains take longer for your body to break down into energy. This helps to prevent a crash later in the morning like that is caused by a breakfast full of simple carbohydrates and sugar.

Moreover, protein boosts your ability to concentrate and to be productive. Eating foods full of protein for snacks keep you productive throughout the day and also helps to keep you revitalized.

3. Excercise outside and do your stretches

You know your body well more than anyone else. There is likely a time of day when you feel more tired. Instead of lying down, you could try getting up and moving at that time of day. Yes, you heard it absolutely right.

A brisk walk outside is the best way to wake your body up and recharge. It is very easy to get stiff at work especially when you are sitting at a desk for long periods.

Barely moving can be more exhausting than doing physical activity. Take a moment to stretch and breathe. Perform a series of stretches even on your desk and literally, it can drive oxygen to your brain, relieve stress and anxiety, and even remove toxins from tissues.

There are some stretches that I do and it has really helped me:

  • Side stretches & seated twists

  • Neck rolls

  • Touching your toes

  • Reaching up to the sky and arching backwards

Perform these exercises and see the difference.

4. Limit Caffeine and avoid drinking alcohol

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks indeed give you a jolt of energy, but they can also cause you to feel even more tired when it wears off. Yes, actually Caffeine is a stimulant but doesn’t have a long-lasting effect and can create dependency.

As your body feels the effect less and less, it will crave more caffeine. Additionally, caffeine tends to increase stress levels and make you feel tired.

But, do you know that drinking alcohol can make you sleepy? Yes, you heard it right.

Drinking alcohol in the afternoon has the strongest effect on your energy. It’s best to avoid alcohol at lunch or in the afternoon to feel peppy until later in the evening.

Do avoid drinking alcohol and make sure to reduce the intake of caffeine too. You will see a lot of difference.

5. Stay Hydrated

Fatigue can be caused by dehydration. So, to feel more active during the day, be sure to drink lots of water.

It is recommended that one should drink 8 glasses of water per day. Try keeping a large water bottle on hand as a reminder to stay hydrated and start each meal with a big glass of water.

Trust me it will give your body what it needs to stay energized at all hours.

6. Put on some music

Do you love to listen to music? I guess who doesn't right? Music is pure love.

​​Putting on music will help you to feel more energized and motivated. The beat of your favourite song will make you feel more lively.

Try and listen to your favourite track a little more loudly as it will help you to escape the mid-day rut that you are in.

Also, trying to sing along or even humming to your favourite song will lift your spirits and give you a more positive outlook on the situation, by making you more motivated to work and be ​more productive.

7. Treat yourself to an afternoon snack

A snack during the afternoon could be exactly what your body needs. It gives some energy and nutrition!

But, be sure to choose the most suitable snack that keeps your energy levels up for the rest of the day.

Recommended foods:

  • Choose oatmeal, yoghurt and fruits.

  • Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate as dark chocolate contains less sugar and more caffeine which will increase your endorphins and makes you productive instantly but make sure to eat the chocolate in a balanced quantity.

  • Avoid eating sugary food items like sweets and candy as it will make your blood sugar levels rise rapidly only to drop equally as fast, making you feel even more tired than you did before.

  • Avoid foods that are high in fat as it contains too much fat and it will make you feel even more tired and sleepy as it takes longer to digest in your body.

Diet plays a major role so make sure that you eat healthily.

8. ​Get a power nap

Do you take short naps in the afternoon? I do take and it acts like wonders.

A mere 10-minute rest at 2 p.m. will boost your energy for the rest of the day. It is certainly worth it.

It has been scientifically proven that a power nap can give you more energy and improvement in performance than coffee. So, never underestimate the power of a short nap. Haha!

9. Socialize and laugh

Taking a break from work to socialize for a few moments could be one of the best ways to get an energy boost. It is a great way to feel refreshed and take your mind off, from work.

When you laugh, you stretch muscles throughout your face and body, then your pulse and blood pressure go up, letting you breathe faster, sending more oxygen to your tissues. Believe me, laughing is the best medicine.

So, instead of having a mini-break at your desk, get up and go ask your coworkers to join you for a coffee. You will enjoy it and the whole team will be in a better mood and much more energized.

10. Turn off your phone

Have you been using your smartphone a lot and consequently feeling pretty tired? A lot has been written about the impact computer and phone screens have on your sleep patterns when you view them in the last hour or two hours before you fall asleep.

Your natural biorhythms are disrupted and your sleep is less peaceful, therefore, your performance during the next day is impaired.

So instead of glancing at your phone before you go to bed, maybe try reading a book or meditate to prepare yourself for sleep.

Earlier, I used to take a look at all my social media platforms before getting to sleep but now I have stopped this habit as it has really very bad impact on the mind and body.

Include all these 10 steps in your routine and really it works like wonders. These things have helped me a lot and I hope that they will help you all too.


Many people feel tired and lack the energy to function at their best throughout the day.

However, drinking enough water, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise and being sociable can benefit your energy levels and your health.

If you feel tired, it’s worth taking a look at your lifestyle to see which healthy changes you can make to boost your energy levels and make you feel great. Lifestyle plays a major role. If you change your lifestyle then everything flows smoothly.

And also don't forget to share your favourite and most effective energy boosters at work, or which ones you've tried and think worked the best?

Please feel free to share your experiences and tips in the comment section!

Thank you so much for reading it till the end. Hope you find the blog post helpful.

If you liked it then do leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.



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