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The Five Biggest Myths about Fitness

The fitness industry even today is filled with the myths and claims that are outright misguided and misleading. These myths circulate very easily and thus makes all of you to believe in the baseless claims and follow them so easily.

Without any doubt, now many people do so many exercises to keep themselves healthy. But, do you know that there are some myths that you should stop believing right away?

No problem if you aren't aware of them. Let's together bust the five biggest myths about fitness that you should stop believing.

1. "If I get sweaty it fully means that I am out of shape"

The Myth

Many people start to feel self-conscious when they sweat during any physical activity. Breaking a sweat walking home with some household materials from the shop doesn't make you feel like a bodybuilder but I bet that if you will get aware of the exact truth then you will surely feel shocked.

The Truth

One of your body's main functions is to maintain homeostasis. The word homeostasis scientifically means to keep the things chill.

Actually, your body temperature is regulated in different ways, but the most frequently inspected is the sweat response. Sweat actually cools your body.

When sweat evaporates from your skin, then the energy exchange happens and therefore it cools down your body. So, next time don't feel embarrassed for sweating.

If you apologise, then actually it means that you are apologising for being healthy. So, just stop doing it!

2. "I have to eat less and work out more if I want to get in shape"

The Myth

Many of you think that the only way to lose weight is to cut down the calories and to exercise more. Even I used to believe this thing. But, in practice, it's a little bit more complex and different.

The Truth

If you take this myth seriously and start burning your calories by taking fewer calories from food then you know what would happen?

Actually, your body will begin to go into survival mode and the few calories that you are eating will most likely be turned into the fat cells and it will get stored.

Instead of doing dieting do assure that you constantly eat healthy calories during the week to avoid the survival mode. If you want to become fit and slim then the best way is to plan out your diet and exercise regularly.

3. "Steady-state cardio is the only way to burn fat"

The Myth

I guess, most of you have heard this statement many times. But this is not true at all. Let's bust this myth too.

The Truth

In real, high-intensity interval training is just as effective as the steady-state cardio. Many trainers even say that in fact, the high-intensity workouts are more effective than the cardio.

In actual, steady-state cardio is the best way to enhance your cardiovascular health and studies show that it's effects on fat loss are minimal but if you talk about the high-intensity workouts then all of them are very effective in burning the fat.

4. "You can't exercise if you are not well"

The Myth

When many of us get ill then I guess that you all hear that today don't go for exercises. Do rest, don't exert yourself. Though this is partially untrue.

The Truth

Without any doubt, you might be tired or exhausted if you aren't well. But, it doesn't mean that you can't do any physical activity.

Exercises actually help you to recover faster. But for sure you don't have to overdo it. Do not exert yourself. Take breaks in between the exercises but don't take fully break also.

Go according to your body if it needs breaks in between then take it.

5. "The heavier you lift, the better the workout you are getting"

The Myth

This is probably the most common misconception among many. People believe that weight lifting leads to huge muscle gains that result in a bodybuilder physique. But, this is not at all the case.

The Truth

Lifting heavyweights in the improper form will actually cause more health problems than benefits. So, if you put more stress on lifting the lightweights then actually it has a lot of health benefits which includes:

1. It improves your metabolism.

2. Prevent injuries and you can't easily get injured.

3. Improves the blood circulation in the body.

Never believe in the thing that if you lift heavy weights you will get in shape. It's the biggest myth in the fitness industry.

So, these were the five biggest myths that you all need to stop believing if you want to become healthy.


Do put more stress on these five myths about fitness because they are doing more harm to the body than good. Never fall into the trap of believing the fitness fairytales and false claims about becoming healthy and getting the good physique in less time.

Because if you want to become healthy then you need to do exercises daily it's not the work of two weeks or so. Do it daily! These smarter choices bring you very close to fitness goals.

Let's bust these myths right away!

Thanks for reading it till the end. Hope you find it useful.

If you like it do share your feedback in the comment section.



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