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7 best ways that helped me to stick to my habits

Have you heard this statement that it takes 21 days to form a new habit? I guess, most of you know about this. Right!

But what after that? Most of the people struggle here like they develop the new habit in 21 days but, the hardest thing for them is to remain stick to that habit forever.

If you learn to stick to a habit, then you can achieve almost everything that you want in life. Actually, habits are the most important factor to achieve real growth and real focus.

In this lockdown, I have developed the habit of doing Yoga. I followed this '21 days theory' and for 21 days, I regularly did it.

The difficulty I found here was to stick to it. After one month I hardly did Yoga daily. I use to do it twice a week, but not everyday.

Developing the new habit and sticking to it requires a lot of hard work and self-discipline.

So, in this blog, I would share with you all the seven tips that helped me to stick to my habit for a longer time. Let's begin!

What are the rules that helped me to stick to my habit?

I know many of you might be thinking that it is pretty tough. But it isn't! For sure it's not at all easy too, but it's absolutely doable. Anything worth doing, it will surely take some time.

You just need to train your mind to do something new and be okay with a little bit discomfort because if you want to develop a good habit then, you need to come out of your comfort zone.

So, I am penning down the tips that have personally helped me to stick to the habit of doing yoga daily.

1. Do it daily

As we all know that consistency is the key, so it's important if you want to make a habit to stick for a longer time. Suppose that if you want to develop the habit of reading, then take a book and start reading it daily for the first three weeks.

If you read a book twice a week then, you will find it harder to form a habit of reading as it is scientifically proven that, activities that you do once every few days are tougher to form in as a habit.

So, develop the habit of reading daily, either it's two pages or more than that it doesn't matter, just start reading right from this very moment.

2. Enjoy what you are doing

It is really necessary that you get positive feedback for performing the habit, right away.

This is important because many people start doing the things that they don't like, which ultimately built-in negative feedback and then they think that why they can't stick to it.

Just imagine would you like to do those things that you hate?

Of course, not right!

So, do a habit that you love or search for a way to enjoy doing the habit. Always focus on the positive aspects of it, never on its negative aspects.

Just feel good about the things that you are doing and see everything just flows smoothly. This approach has really helped me a lot in my life.

3. Keep a check on your thoughts

If you somehow start to avoid the habit or feel like let's quit it then, do pay attention to these thoughts.

Never, listen to these thoughts, let them go as these are like a barrier in your path. Don't give them the power to control you. Just keep going as you are.

4. Divide it

Never focus on the results, because now you just have to focus on forming the habit. When I started doing the Yoga, the one mistake I did was, that I just focused on the end results like I will become more mindful, or I will become fit.

So, I tried to do four to five types of different yoga asanas straight away for two hours and what was the end result!

I badly exerted myself and was unable to do the same next day. Yeah, no doubt those results will probably come, but for now, you first have to keep one thing in mind that, you have to do Yoga poses daily. Just divide it. Like in my case instead of doing four different types of yoga asanas daily, I started doing two poses in one day, and the next two poses the other day.

In this way, I did not get tired. So, always try to focus on doing it and not on end results.

Chop it, achieve it!!

5. One habit at a time

Always focus on building one habit at a time. It should not be like you are focusing on building fitness habit, social habit and work habit and much more simultaneously.

Do not do this at all! Sticking to them for a longer time is more important. So, always one habit only.

6. Learn to face the awkwardness

If you are learning some new habit, then for sure it has some level of awkwardness associated. You don't know how and what to do.

This is very much normal, you are not alone. It happens with most of us, but one thing is very much important is that you just have to learn to move through that awkwardness and if you succeed in it, then everything just flows smoothly.

Learn to face the awkwardness!

7. Be imperfect

Never ever expect that you will become a perfectionist in one day. No, not at all! Just keep practising and give your best everyday for sure you will become successful in it. As it is rightly said that "Every great thing takes time".

So, yeah just keep hustling.

These were the seven ways that made me successful in sticking to my habit till now.


Habit building takes time and lots of efforts, but one thing you should keep in mind that, it isn't hard at all. You just need to follow the right strategies to stick to your habits for a longer time.

Believe in yourself, just keep going!

Thanks for reading it till the end. Hope these tips will help you in some or the other way.

If you like it, do leave your valuable comments.



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