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How I Got Rid of My Acne

Don’t Be Shy, You still look beautiful ❤

Ouch!!!! It hurts!! This word “acne” is so simple and easy to pronounce but it’s too difficult to treat or for some, it seems impossible. I am personally going through the acne problem. Every single day new acne pops out on my face now giving me more burden to treat a greater number of it. Imagine acne popping out on the day when there is an occasion in your house or some party. How you will feel!!?. Surely inferior, self-conscious, and low self-esteem. The same happened to me too. I personally underwent a lot of teasing and bullying because of this acne. So, this will ultimately lead too psychological and emotional stress and this teasing mostly occurs during adolescence. But I can’t give any opportunity to acne to set my negative image (full of inferiority complex and low self-esteem)?? How someone can judge me according to the number of acne on my face?

Squeezing acne can be painful: LOL
Squeezing acne can be painful: LOL

Now let’s scientifically talk about this acne?? What is it’s cause and how to treat them? Acne medically also known as Acne Vulgaris is a common that is caused by blockage of oil glands that are present at the base of hair follicles. This blockage can happen due to dirt or oil/greasy products or oil which usually our body secretes. So ultimately this blockage results in the accumulation of oil and hence resulting in acne problems. The common places affected on the body are the face, chest, trunk, and the back. Personally, I have more acne on my cheeks and chest.

Causes of Acne

Let’s Think

Genetic: — Either of the parents could have had acne at their young age so the kids are more prone to acne.

Hormonal: — As we reach puberty there is an increase in androgen levels in the body which ultimately increases the sebum production which leads to more acne. When I got myself tested my hormones were in an imbalanced state, so this was the main reason why I got acne. So, what is yours??

Lifestyle Changes: — This can be a major cause as lifestyle and acne both are interconnected. A Person who smokes or consumes alcohol is more prone to acne. Even a person who follows an irregular diet pattern or a person who doesn’t take sound sleep is also prone to acne.

Cosmetics: — Oily/greasy products present in the market also causes acne on the skin.

Stress: — One of the major problems faced by teens due to studies or their relationships, etc. can be another factor for acne.

How to Treat Acne?

Now the main part comes ‘Treatment’.


Facewash: — Stop using the harsh soaps on the face as it aggravates acne problems. Start using a medicated face wash that contains salicylic and glycolic acid which will unblock the pores and wash your face twice daily.

Medications: — Dermatologists recommend retinol, gels, and oral antibiotics to people with severe acne. But don’t forget oral medications have side effects too!!!!

Water: — Glasses of water a day keeps a dermatologist away. Drink 8–10 glasses of water every day as it hydrates your body which will ultimately hydrate your skin cells. Especially if you have dry skin texture it helps in getting rid of dead skin cells.

Dandruff: — Wash your hair twice a week as dandruff causes forehead acne because dandruff and oily scalp can clog skin pores.

Balanced diet: — Cut sugar and fried foods from your diet. Take more food that contains Vit-A and E in your diet.

Scratching: — Don’t ever try to scratch your acne with your nails which will cause more acne.

Now!!!!! This is my personal experience I am sharing with you all that I used Aloe Vera for 7 days and you won’t believe what it did to my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect miracles, but it truly happened. Aloe Vera contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vit-A, and C and its anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat burns, acne, and dry skin. But don’t forget everything has its pros and cons so don’t overuse it as it can dry your skin.




So, like this, we come to an end and I want all of you to try these things to treat your acne problems and I m sure you will get amazing results.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. I hope you found this post useful!


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