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“Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. A person who sleeps early and wakes up early will have a more successful life according to my experience. I like to wake up early because the ‘ Early catches the worm’. How it will make you successful?? Teenagers are blamed for staying up late, then struggling to wake up early in the morning. It is due to bad bedtime habits. I personally feel that getting up early is healthier for our body because at that time we feel more relaxed. I usually start my day by getting out of bed when my alarm clock rings at 5 AM in the morning. I feel energetic and happy. It is scientifically proven that a person who wakes up early in the morning feels happier and enthusiastic than those who hit snooze for a few extra minutes. Do you get up early in the morning?? Even some of the most successful and honourable people in history were early risers. If you want to become famous, from today itself get up at the ‘crack of dawn’

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Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels

1: Consistency: I never made any drastic change, I always used to be consistent. It means that you should get up at the same timings, don’t change it as your body will become used to it. Set your goal timings and remain stick to that.

2: Sleep at regular intervals: I sleep early at night, usually go to bed around 10:00 to 10:30 pm. So, try to sleep early at night as it will help you to become an early riser. Caution: keep your mobile phones switched off while sleeping rather than using social media.

3: No snoozing: I always put my alarm clock far from my bed so that I am unable to hit the snooze button. So as it is far from your bed, obviously, you have to get out of the bed to shut it off. By then you are already awake.

4: Leave the bedroom: I come out of my bedroom as soon as I shut my alarm so that I don’t go to bed again and sleep.


1: Advantage hours: I got extra hours, I called these hours as ‘advantage hours’, as these hours helped me to achieve what I wanted to achieve in a day. I was free from overburden rather than piling up for tomorrow.

2: Stress-free: It has reduced my stress level. When you rise early, it eliminates the need to do everything in a rush to complete your task in the morning. I have personally noticed that after becoming a morning person I have become more positive and optimistic.

3: More time for morning Exercise: Even I got an ample amount of time for my morning exercises and meditation, as exercising is far more important than you assume. Even you can hit the gym as you have more hours during the day.

4: Less Distraction: Being a morning person it has made me less distracted. Morning time is the best time to study hard topics as there is silence all around and it makes you more focused.


Early riser has more advantage than late riser. If you want to become ‘ achiever of the day’ be the first one to get up in the morning in your family.

I CAN, I WILL, I MUST become an early riser!!

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. I hope you found this post useful!



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