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Life Lessons That I Learnt From My Past Mistakes

Life Lessons
Photo by Julian Jagtenberg from Pexels

“Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning”. It is like a ladder, climbing on each rung of it, step by step which will ultimately lead to success. I personally feel that the greatest lessons are always learned from its worst times and worst mistakes. If you don’t learn these great lessons, you will never earn success in life. Some of them might be small things such as a wrong answer on one of those online quizzes, but others might be a big one that we end up regretting. Every one of us made mistake in our past and will make in future too, though forgive yourself, but never forget. Learn from mistakes but never regret. Move on!! But don’t worry, because you aren’t the only person who’s made mistakes. But what was the difference between them and us?? Our great personalities view their mistakes as a place to keep improving, and not repeating and regretting that, but to admit them quickly and never repeat them again. I want to make it clear by citing an example of Thomas Edison, who invented the bulb. He failed two thousand times while trying different materials in search of a filament for the light bulb. Even his assistant became hopeless at that time and told Thomas that they have learned nothing, all their work has gone wasted. But Edison replied that we have learned that there are two thousand elements which we can’t use to make a good light bulb. He was the one who found a ray of hope when there was darkness all around. His failure changed into a success story. Learned a big lesson!!

Personally, I had made so many mistakes in my life, that if I start listing them one by one, I think I will never end up. But I will list some of the great lessons that I learnt out of those mistakes.

  • Walk your own path: Don’t choose your path in pressure. I learned to live for myself and not according to other’s expectations and wishes. I always set my own standards and keep growing.

  • Don’t ever hesitate when it’s time to act: Whenever I feel that it’s time to act, I usually take action. I am not at all worried about the outcome, I always believe that I will end up smarter than before.

  • Experience what you have learned: The only source of knowledge is experience. No matter, how much I know about that topic, it’s only after I have put my knowledge into use. If we don’t practice out the things, then our knowledge is useless. So, I try to work harder every time as much as possible so that there is no source of regret left in my hands forever.

  • Live every moment to the fullest: Life goes by faster than we think. Live your life to its full extent because life is too short, and we never know what tomorrow brings for us.

  • Take care of your health: Go for regular health check-ups and consume healthy food. “Prevention is better than cure” so always respect your body, fuel it with healthy food and most of all love your body.

  • Don’t trust anyone easily: I trust people very easily because of my emotional nature, without realising that there are few personalities which live to exploit others. So never trust anyone blindly. It’s better to believe them than to trust them so that when they compromise with your trust you don’t feel bad about it.

  • Don’t make future promises: Earlier I used to make future promises to myself. These promises should not be made in the present, as we don’t know what tomorrow brings for us. So, it’s better to live in the present situation rather than dreaming of something which is fabricated.

  • Savings: I learned a big lesson that saving money is very important because it helps us to protect ourselves in the event of a financial emergency. The amount you save is determined by how much you have left at the end of the month, once all of your spendings is done. If you will practice this exercise of saving money it will surely relieve you from financial stress.

  • Time Management: ‘It is true that time waits for none’. To be on time is a key to success. Be punctual!! Don’t waste it. While in school I was the person who used to submit all my assignments at the end. Who all are late submitters?? Now, I personally organise my time by making a timetable so that I can sort out every task easily and correctly.

  • Don’t blame others: It’s better to curse yourself rather than cursing others for your unhappiness. Remember that your life is what you make it. So, won’t blame others when you screw up.


A mistake should be your teacher, not your loss story. It is a temporary, necessary deviation, not your end.

My eight letters of mistakes:-

M- Move on

I- Ingeniously

S- Set your goals

T- Take away value from it

A- Admit and Accept it

K- Knowledge empowers you

E- Experience it

S- Stay on track and show the world that you can make it.

Thanks a lot for reading till the end. I hope you found this post useful!


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