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My Covid 19 Experience

Before beginning with the article, I am gonna ask you that 'How are you doing'? I hope that you are doing well and you are absolutely healthy. I am sure that you maybe thinking that all of sudden, why I am asking you this question. Right? It's because of the pandemic going on. COVID has changed the way we all used to live our lives. The cases and the number of deaths that are rising daily is so horrifying.

29,182,072. You maybe thinking what I mean by this whole number. Right? This is the number of COVID cases in India right now. This number might increase by the time I publish this article. It's really sad to even hear that and this number gives me goosebumps. Out of this number 359,695 of these many people have died and 27, 638,902 people have also recovered. Now, I always emphasize on the positive side of it like 27,638,902 people have recovered and that's the great thing.

Daily cases in India have somewhat reduced but that doesn't mean that you all become careless. However, it means that we all have to be extra cautious and reduce more number of cases. It's a request from my side that please do wear masks and stay home and pray for everybody's health and everyone should stay safe and healthy and also take all the precautions.

One more important thing I want to mention is that do take care of your mental health seriously, especially in the times like these. Be with your family and loved ones and support each other. This is the time to unite and support each other. I am sure that we as a nation will win this fight and everything will get back to normal soon.

Table Contents

Here what I will cover in my article:

#1. My Story

I am sure that a few people who read my blog regularly might be thinking that why all of sudden I stopped writing? Why I didn't publish any of the blogs in the month of May? Why I disappeared from all the social media platforms?

The answer to all the above questions is because I was tested positive for COVID-19 and to be honest I too missed creating content. After a whole one month I am literally sitting and writing this article and believe me I am feeling too good and much better.

I will never forget that day. It was the 10th of May when my mom and brother were tested positive for COVID-19. They got themselves tested because they had a high fever at that time and when the report came, I and my whole family were really shocked. They both isolated themselves as soon as they got to know that they are positive. The situation at home was really scary because so many people came in contact with them. The first thing me and my dad did was that we both informed about my mom and brother turning positive to those people who came in contact with them and the next day they all went for the test and luckily none were positive but still they all kept themselves isolated.

On the 12th of May, me and my dad also got ourselves tested and our test was also negative, but still, we all were isolated. Mom and brother were taking medicines (for the cough and some antibiotics) as prescribed by the doctor. Though without a doubt there is no medicine for COVID as such but for sure antibiotics protects our chest from acquiring pneumonia.

Now, many of you would be thinking that were we all vaccinated? So, the answer is no we weren't. Literally, my dad used to try a lot to get slots but unfortunately, we couldn't find any. Till, 19th May I too got fever, cough, body pain and my taste and smell were all gone. In the afternoon, I went to get myself tested and luckily the report was negative. But, now the thing was like if I was negative, then why I got all the symptoms mentioned above. Without any delay, dad booked an online appointment with a doctor who was handling COVID and he told that if my mom and brother are positive then of course if anyone comes in contact with them so the chances of them turning positive are quite high. He also said that if I have symptoms then I am surely positive even if the report is negative and believe me things were getting worse by this time.

I also started taking medicines as advised by the doctor. The doctor advised my dad that he should also monitor his body properly and as of now, no medicine is required because he didn't have any symptoms. But, dad kept himself isolated and took all the precautions. Literally, my fever was really high and it used to range between 101-102°F. For the first time, I felt so lonely even when I was living in my house with my family. Everyone in the family was unwell and there was no one to take care of each other, even when everyone was there. Dad was doing all the things all alone from bringing medicines to consulting doctors to household work all alone as we all informed the maid to not come for cleaning the house.

For one week, things were somewhat stable as dad report came negative for the second time too. But, after one week my mom's health started becoming critical and somewhat my oxygen level also started fluctuating. The good thing was that my brother was much better by this time. Dad called the team of doctors at home because there were no beds in the hospital at that time and me and my mom were treated at home only. Literally, I was losing all my hope. Sometimes when so many bad things happen, it's very normal to lose hope but my dad(on a phone call)kept me and my mum hopeful and he said that things will be fine soon. Yes, on a phone call. Weird right?

We all used to talk to each other on a phone call everyday as we all were isolated. This COVID changed the way we all used to live. Now, after 3-4 days things were getting somewhat stable and the team of doctors who were handling this told me that there is no need to worry now as the oxygen level of me and mom is fine, believe me we all took a deep breath.

Dad paid all the bill to the team of doctors who came to treat me and my mom. They also prescribed further medicines which include some antibiotics and multivitamins and they went. Believe me, me and my mom were much better by this time and also my dad was all fine as his reports were negative and he had no symptoms. I literally, thanked God for that.

Suddenly, my dad got a call and he got to know that my Nanu ji ( maternal grandfather) is no more and he died because of COVID. Trust me when dad told this thing to me and my mom we all were broken from inside. We all didn't understand like how to react to this and I was and now also I am literally praying to God that please tell me that this is a lie. But, sadly this was and is true. I still remember that we all didn't sleep that night and I would call that day the worst day of my life. We all felt so helpless at that time and the saddest thing was that we couldn't see him for the last time too as we all were not well. We all weren't allowed to attend his last ritual due to certain guidelines by the government as we were positive.

It took us whole three days to believe that Nanuji is no more and you won't believe that when we all digested this thing, my dad informed all of us that my dance teacher left all of us and trust me I couldn't even tell you how I was feeling at that time. I was shattered. But, this is what life is I think. A mix of sad and happy moments. Now, when I am writing this article, I have tears in my eyes thinking of all those loved ones who left us due to COVID. I pray to the God that pandemic gets over soon and things get back to normal and I am sure that we as a whole nation will overcome this and again will see a positive light out of this dark phase.

#2. What all things helped me to recover?

Basically, it took whole 6 weeks to recover completely and now also I feel weak and I literally couldn't do my workouts as I used to and also I couldn't sit for more than 4 hours straight away for work. But, I am sure that I will get back that same energy and things will come back to normal super soon.

Along with the treatment given by the team of doctors, I did other things too that helped me to recover:

1. As my oxygen level decreased, proning exercises really helped me. Actually, prone positioning helps to improve oxygenation and reduce mortality in COVID patients. Believe me, this exercise is a life saviour.

2. I took steam 4-5 times daily and also did gargles with betadine in it.

3. I used to do breathing exercises like anulom vilom every single day and believe me it's super effective.

4. I usually sat for half an hour under the sun daily. I know it's difficult to sit under the sun in the month of May but make sure you do sit for atleast 15 minutes daily(in case you are detected with COVID).

5. I preferred to take a bath with hot water. Also don't skip taking a bath thinking that you have a cough and fever. Hygiene is the most important thing here. Keep yourselves super hygienic.

6. Whenever I used to drink water I always prefer to drink hot water over cold. I know it's difficult for those who have gastric issues but you can take lukewarm water in that case. Doctors advised me to take more fluids so, make sure to drink fruit juices daily.

7. I took an ample amount of rest every single day and didn't exert myself in anyway. So, make sure to take as much rest as you can.

These were all the things I did and it really helped me to recover.


1. Get vaccinated if you are eligible and don't ignore it. Believe me, if you are vaccinated then it's sure that if you even get affected by COVID then you will recover easily. So, please do get vaccinated.

There is one more request from my side that do donate plasma, it will save someone's life.

2. Wear a mask whenever you are going outside but avoid going outside until unless it's super important.

In case if you get COVID and you and your whole family live in one room and all use only one washroom then make sure that all of the family members wear a mask and use a sanitiser frequently. Wash your utensils after eating and sanitize the washroom after using it.

3. Monitor your oxygen level and fever from time to time. If your oxygen level is low or flatulating then immediately rush to the hospital.

4. Don't consume COVID news 24/7. I am not saying that stop watching news channels but what I feel is that don't watch news based on COVID-19 now because sometimes I feel that they over-exaggerate the things and definitely the person gets somewhere mentally affected.

The best option is to spend more and more time with your family and loved ones. Be with them, support each other rather than wasting your time watching the news on COVID. Trust me this will help you a lot.

And also please don't believe in those WhatsApp forwards please don't. It's a request from my side.

5. Talk with your friends or relatives via video calls or on a phone call to not feel alone and depressed. Trust me it will improve your mental health.

Keep yourself busy and distract yourself from your current situation by reading novels or by watching some comedy videos on YouTube. But, make sure to not exert yourselves.

6. I lost almost 5-6 kgs of weight. So, make sure to eat a balanced diet to get healthy. It's important to take extra care of yourself once you are in the recovery phase.

Eat healthy be healthy.

7. Last but not least stay positive and keep faith in yourself. I know it's easier said than done, but trust me hope does wonders.


My whole family is much better now. The positive thing in this whole dark phase was that my dad didn't get affected. Now, me and my whole family have been tested negative. The COVID-19 symptoms vary from person to person and somewhat I would call it unpredictable. I think that this difficult phase has made me stronger.

Please help and support each other and it's the least we all can do. I would like to end this whole article by saying that please be safe and don't take this COVID lightly. Don't behave like this-(Yeh, COVID kuch Nahi hota, Normal hi toh hai yeh. And also those words Go Corona Go). Please don't do all these rubbish things.

Thank you everyone for reading this article till the end, and please take care of your fam and yourself.

Love and light (Shagun)



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