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7 Hacks To Stay Healthy In The Winter

Winters are going on and it is a beautiful season. Haha! Isn't it? Do you love to spend the whole winter days in a warm and cosy room with your blanket while listening to the music? It's really super enjoyable. The shorter days and longer nights of the winter can be so much challenging as several diseases can pop out. Almost every disease can make a home in your body during this season due to a low immune system. The reason for the low immunity is the reduced humidity levels that are prevalent during winters and also due to the inactivity of your body. These winter days really create various safety risks for all of us. Recognizing and preventing those risks is the main thing to stay healthy. So, to enjoy this season to the fullest you should remain healthy and fit. Haha! Confused about how to remain healthy and disease-free. Then in this article, I have explained some points on how to keep yourself healthy. So, let's take a step forward towards being healthy.

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1. Don't run in the wrong direction

Now, as the new year is going so every one of you sees the first week of January as the reset and there's nothing wrong in that. Now, the main problem comes when you compound your issues by digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole that you have to climb out of! If you eat unhealthy for so long then naturally that hole will become deep enough. Isn't it! Just think that you are on starting line of a race for a healthy life that begins on January 1st. You have just two options here: 1. Hang around the starting line: Stand and wait for the command to start running. 2 . Run in the opposite direction: Run farther away from the starting line, so that when someone gives you a command to run you go off even farther to run in the race. So, basically, the step 1 is not running in the opposite direction. This means that you can't skip all your workout and eat like crap and just plan to give up till January. No, this is the wrong way out! Instead, hang out around the starting line. If you can then do stay on target. One bad meal doesn't ruin things and one missed workout isn't the end of the healthy world. If you have an awful day, respawn and get back in the fight. Immediately!! So, always forget B and always aim for A.

2. Never two in a row

I have myself made this a mantra for my whole life. This thing really helps. You are a human and life happens but what shouldn't happen is that missing two days in a row because one bad day can feel like a speed bump if you are trying to get healthy, so get back on track right away, there's no issue. But, missing two days in a row is just like turning that tiny speed bumps into the rock-solid mountains. Yeah! If you miss one day in a row then it's not at all a problem. Just act as nothing happened and get back to the track. But, once you miss two days in a row, then it's more likely that you will never become successful to come back. So, aim to never miss two workouts in a row. If you miss it say on Wednesday then go for it on Thursday to get back on track. But, if you miss two workouts in a row then it will very easily become three, which will very easily become a week and the probability is there that it will become like "Okay, let's wait for the new year and then I will Start". Out more stress on starting right now!! Now is a perfect time.

3. It all counts

Just imagine that because of less time you were not able to devote one hour for the workout and you just devoted twenty minutes only. But, let me make myself very clear that it doesn't mean that your winters are ruined. 80% is 80% and it's far better than 0%. Isn't it? Every little bit counts. It really really does counts!! Even if you can continue that small change in your life then it can do wonders to your health. So, remember that even if you do meditation early in the morning then make it a habit and do it daily. It doesn't matter that you do it for 15 minutes and the other day because busy schedule you were able to do it only for 10 minutes. What matters is that despite being busy you took out 10 minutes and did the meditation. So, 10% is better than 0%. Keep this thing in mind that "It all counts".

4. Add healthy nutrients in your diet and drink water

Include a diet which is protein-rich as it helps to increase the energy levels throughout the day. Add dairy products, nuts and seeds to your diet. Even eating foods rich in Omega-3 and fibre does wonders to boost your immunity and it helps to reduce the inflammation in the body. Remember this thing that in summers you drink a lot of water because frequently you feel thirsty so there is less chance of dehydration. Right? But, in winters there is a huge chance that your body becomes dehydrated because you feel less thirsty. But, make it a habit to drink a glass of water every hour so that you avoid the risk of dehydration and remain healthy. So, eating a good diet and keeping yourself hydrated acts like a magic pill.

5. Socialise

It is scientifically proven that people suffer from seasonal depression more in winters as compared to summers because you go out very less in winters. So, try to keep yourself surrounded by your family and friends. Especially, during this lockdown, many people suffered from depression because of the lack of socializing. So, the best part during these times is to take part in the online events so, that you get a chance to meet people online and you get to talk to them. So, this is the best way out during this pandemic.

6. Sound sleep

Winter month is the perfect weather in which you can sleep for a longer time because nights are longer as compared to days. A person should take 7-8 hours of sleep daily. But, it doesn't mean that while sleeping your mind is active. Sound sleep is important. Quality over quantity always! If your mind is working even when you are sleeping then it doesn't count at all. Sound sleep means sleeping without thinking of anything in your mind. So, do have a sound sleep to boost your immune system.

7. Get your flu shots on time

In winter season you can catch up the flu very easily because of the less healthy immune system. So, don't be afraid of needles. Get a flu shot before the onset of winters to reduce your chances of getting affected by 50% from any disease. The best time to get it is just before the onset of winters which is around October-November, so do keep this thing in mind because it's really important to keep yourself healthy. So, these were the seven things to keep in mind to stay healthy during winters.


Keeping yourself healthy in winters is more challenging as compared to summers. You actually need to do extra efforts during winters because of the low temperature. Going to exercises daily is a very necessary part. So, let's win from winters and become healthy. Let's brave the winter season altogether!! Yes, we can do this. Thanks for reading it till the end. Hope you found this post helpful.

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